“Come See Me” Festival Moves to February Due to Warm Weather Spell

Rock Hill, SC – Move over Glen and Glenda the frog, and make room for a new mascot- Timmy the Tadpole. Due to its unseasonable warm temperature, Rock Hill’s historic spring festival will be moved from April to February this year. Replacing the frog jumping contest with the new tadpole swim, the annual event will be reshaped as an early spring festival featuring – too early for Spring events.

“It’s just too early for Frogs also,” commented Event Spokesperson, Jumpey Johnson, “tadpoles would be more readily available in this time of year, so we have changed the mascot to Timmy the Tadpole to reflect this.

The entire festival will be moved to Lake Wylie and points on the Catawba River so kids can participate with the tadpoles and properly monitor the tadpole races.

Races will begin at T-Bones by the lake in Lake Wylie and finish at Ebenezer Park in Rock Hill. Thousands will swim with the tadpoles to celebrate this awesome Spring Festival in February. “We are elated at the prospect of “Come See Me” expanding to Lake Wyle, so we will serve frog legs so participants aren’t at a total loss of not having Glen and Glenda as mascots,” reported T-Bones Owner Dwight Irving.

Rock Hill plans to “resurrect” Glen and Glenda for the 2018 Come See Me festival, but for now will have to honor them as frogs in the making.